how to download tiktok videos without watermark

Say Goodbye to Watermarks: Downloading TikTok Videos Like a Pro

We’ve all been there: scrolling through TikTok, captivated by a hilarious skit or mesmerizing dance routine, only to be met with the dreaded watermark when you try to save it. But fear not, fellow scrollers! This guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to download TikTok videos sans watermark, like a true digital ninja.

Official Methods:

  • TikTok’s Share Feature: While most downloads include the watermark, TikTok offers a hidden gem. Tap the “Share” arrow above a video, then select “Copy Link.” Paste the link into a third-party downloader website like SnapTik or These platforms let you download watermark-free versions in various formats.
  • Duet or Stitch: Want to add your own twist to a video? Use the “Duet” or “Stitch” feature! This automatically downloads the original video without the watermark, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate it into your creation.

Third-Party Tools:

  • Mobile Apps: Numerous apps like Video Eraser (iOS) and SnapTik (Android) allow you to remove watermarks after downloading a video. Simply import the video, select the watermark, and voila! It’s like magic (but with pixels).
  • Browser Extensions: For desktop warriors, extensions like “Download TikTok Videos” Chrome extension offer a convenient way to download watermark-free videos directly from your browser. Just click the extension icon while watching a video, and choose your preferred format.


  • Copyright & Permissions: Downloading copyrighted content without permission is illegal. Always ensure you have the creator’s consent before downloading their videos.
  • Safety First: Only use reputable downloaders and extensions. Be wary of suspicious websites or apps that might compromise your data.
  • Support Creators: While downloading for personal enjoyment is okay, consider liking, sharing, and commenting on original videos to support the creators!

Bonus Tip: Feeling tech-savvy? You can also record your screen while playing the video to capture it without the watermark. However, the quality might not be as crisp as using dedicated downloaders.

With these tools and tips at your disposal, you can now download your favorite TikTok videos without the pesky watermark, creating a personal library of pure entertainment. So, grab your phone, scroll through the endless feed, and start downloading – responsibly, of course!

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